I’m Katie.  I make pottery in my backyard studio here in Durham, North Carolina.  I started taking pottery classes almost a decade ago and had no idea then how much my life would become covered in clay.  I love to “throw” pots on the potter’s wheel, finding that just-right curve, handle and base for each pot.  Once I learned how to make my own stamps, stencils, and silkscreens I started covering my pottery surfaces in patterns.  I also make my own glazes and slips because I’m a complete color fiend.  Like cooking from scratch, making my own tools and ingredients allows me to create pottery with a unique flavor.  I employ the vivid colors and warm feel of earthenware pottery, which is fired at a lower temperature than stoneware or porcelain, consuming less energy in production.  I’m always experimenting with new glaze recipes and am learning how to incorporate clay dug from my own yard.  There is always more to learn in crafting pottery.  Experimenting and taking risks are what most excite me as a potter.

If you peek in my studio you might catch me screenprinting, loading the kiln, listening to podcasts.  Lucy, my faithful pitbull, is often lounging in the studio while I work.  On occassion my husband Noah is in there, too.  When I’m not in the studio I’m probably in the kitchen, or working with children as a bilingual speech therapist.  Or traveling- my favorite.  

Maybe you see something in my pottery that reminds you of a place you’ve traveled, or lived, or loved.  Reach out if a particular piece interests you or if you’re in Durham and want to visit the studio.  I am so honored to share my pottery with you.