brand new work at "An Image Apart" show at Claymakers gallery

I am honored to announce my first show as a featured artist now through March 2015 at Claymakers gallery in Durham, North Carolina!  My latest pottery with laser printed decals is on display next to the thought-provoking and unique work of local artists Susy Holloway and Mimi Logothetis.  The show, "An Image Apart: applied image techniques", showcases different ways to print, stamp, transfer, and decal clay surfaces.  Printing and use of graphics on clay is for me personally, one of the most eye-catching styles in pottery.  I've been reading Ceramics and Print by Paul Scott and discovering ideas from the printing world that ceramic artists are using on clay. 

Come by and visit my work in the gallery.  All my work on display is brand new and has laser printed decals of photos from my personal and family collections, including vintage photos taken by my grandparents during World War II!

burning down the house...raku-style

I just finished my third raku firing on Sunday.  In raku firing, you get quick results; it only takes about an hour for each firing so you get to see the finished pots quickly.  It's like mixing pottery with a campfire.  And it takes a handful of folks for a big load, so it's quite social.  Plus, you won't offend anyone while you reek of smoke because we all do after doing a raku firing!

Raku allows for some unique effects on the clay surface, like crackle, iridescent metallics, variation in color and luster all over the pot.  I'm delighted with how the raku glazes and bare surfaces brought out the texture I stamped and carved on my pots.  

Check out my raku pots in this gallery